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How to Order & Pay

Visit the shop, choose a product, add it to your cart, checkout and pay online.
Create an account with us, add your address details to your profile to allow easier checkout for future purchases.

Pricing & Payments

The price of a bottle of vitamins is R550, but it’s R1 050 if you purchase 2 bottles.

Shipping is done through MDS Collivery and shipping prices are determined by their system and not by VitagirlSA, its owners or employees.

Payments are processed through PayFast, South Africa’s most secure payment gateway.  EFT payments are accepted and preferred so that we avoid the hefty credit card and PayFast fees.  We require proof of payment to be emailed to us before we ship any goods.  This is non-negotiable.

No amount will be debited from your account if you do not complete the purchase process and check out your shopping cart.


Once your payment has reflected in our bank account, we package your order and ship it with MDS Collivery, door-to-door delivery.

Public holidays and weekends delay delivery times, and this is out of our control.  Orders placed before 3pm Monday-Friday are shipped out the same day for delivery within 4 working days.

Orders will not be delivered on public holidays or over long weekends.  Public holidays and long weekends delay delivery times.  As this is out of our control, we will not be held responsible for late delivery and are not liable to refund delivery fees.


How do I order?

Visit our Shop, view the products and put your order together by clicking “Add to Cart”.  Your order will not be placed with us until you proceed through the checkout process, add your delivery information and make a payment.

What payment processor do you use?

We make use of PayFast to process all payments.

When will you ship my order?

We ship orders once payment has reflected in our bank account.

How do I pay?

Once you have gone through the checkout process, payment is collected online.  Follow the steps that you are guided through to effect payment.  We do not automatically debit bank accounts or credit cards.  All payments are authorised by you.

What courier do you use?

We use MDS Collivery who we trust to deliver your parcels safely and timeously.

How long do deliveries take?

We anticipate that most deliveries take 3-4 working days if your order is placed before 3pm Monday to Friday.  If you are not at the stipulated address to receive your order, we cannot be held responsible.  MDS Collivery will make all reasonable attempts to contact you to deliver your order.  Thus it is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details you provide to us are correct.

I placed my order over a weekend or late in the evening and my bottle wasn’t delivered the next day. Why is that?

Our couriers do everything possible to ensure fast delivery.  Orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday are shipped out the same day.  Public holidays and long weekends affect delivery times.  Couriers do not deliver orders over weekends or on public holidays.  Long weekends delay order delivery times, and this is out of our control.

I made a mistake with my order.  What do I do?

Email us at as soon as you have realised that you have made a mistake.  You have 24 hours to let us know about your mistake.  If you fail to meet this 24 hour deadline, we won’t know about the error, will ship your order and cannot be held responsible for it.  We will also not offer refunds for erroneous orders.

Will you take back half-finished bottles of vitamins?

No.  For health and safety reasons, we are unable to receive bottles of vitamins that have been opened or partially consumed.


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